News & Events

Pat's Visit to South Africa Jan-Feb 2012

All the results for the boys who had taken their Matric exams at Khula school were good enough to go onto further education including two boys who's marks were even good enough for university.  Off we went to queue at various colleges hoping to secure placements.  With the projects help the boys gathered together documents that they needed to register.  It often took many hours of standing in line before they reached the front.  The project paid for transport, photocopying and registration fees.  Sadly our one girl student didn't pass, but is determined to improve her marks.  She is the first person Pat will contact on her return in 2013. 

It took a few weeks to catch up with everyone and check out their needs.  At this time of the year we sought out new school uniforms and check on places for those changing schools.  There are books, calculators, pens and pencils to be bought. 

The project acts as an Advocate between social workers and the families we help.  This takes an enormous amount of time, queues starting as early as 5:30 am to see a social worker.  Africa tends to move exceedingly slow!  We also helped a baby get much needed surgery and found safe accomodation for a lone school girl who had been raped.

The reptutation of the project is spreading around the township and now we have another primary school interested in working with the Vine Project.  An initial meeting with the Principal has taken place, and Sonia will be putting the wheels in motion to take on more children when she visits in October.



'Live Band Party Night' Sat, 3rd November 2012

TThe Vine   The Vine Project will be hosting a Live Band Party Night at Chorlton Golf Club, Barlow Hall Rd, M21 7JJ,  as well as our great band there will be a demonstration of wheel chair dancing by stars from Britain's Got Talent, and a raffle.  Zulu jewellery and gifts will be availble from the Vine Project stall.

This is set to be a fun evening for all! Tickets £7.50


This was a wonderful evening of dance,entertainment and fun. Thanks to all who attended. 

We sold over 90 tickets and made over £1,000.

Llandudno Triathlon

Simon McCann successfully completed his triathlon 23rd June.  Swimming in the Llandudno bay didn't look very pleasant but he took the plunge and braved the elements.  Cycling up the Orme was equally as daunting, however the sun did shine as he ran along the promenade.  Simon raised a total of £300!  for which we are most grateful


EXPLORE DIDSBURY, July 2012, a fun day for everyone

Despite the rain some of our stalwart supporters came along and walked the Didsbury Trail.  Fortunately they really enjoyed it and suggested another date.  A few weeks later with the sun shining lots of people arrived at Sonia's house to do the second attempt at the trail.  After two hours of walking and exploring everyone enjoyed afternoon tea in the garden.  We raised a grand total of over £2,000.  TERRIFIC! 

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters. 


Once again we did a table at the Didsbury Festival.  We sold Zulu jewellery and crafts.  This year we decided to have some fun with our 'human fruit machine' one of Sue Raddings fantastic ideas.  The laughter was quite hysterical from both adults and children.  If you don't know what this is about come and join in the fun with us next year!

A.G.M. 2012

This year the AGM will be held at Chorlton-Cum-Hardy Golf Club, Friday June 15th, at 7pm. 

All are welcome to attend.

September 2011 Visit

              We are so pleased that all our youngsters are doing so well.  We have 2 boys who have jobs, 2 at college, 7 taking their Matric (final exams) and all the others are attending school everyday.  This is a fantastic achievement.  During this visit when Vivien joined Sonia for a week, we checked on grants, food vouchers, housing, schooling and day to day living.  We organised Friday afternoon youth groups and a wonderful day out on our last Saturday, when the children canoed, played and swam at the Twin Streams Environmental Centre.  It was good to hear and see these children, who have such difficult lives, enjoying themselves.


A lot of our fundraising comes from talks that Pat and Sonia do around their area’s.  Pat in  Gloucestershire and it’s surrounding counties, and Sonia in and around Greater Manchester.  Anyone who is looking for speakers please contact us.  Pat on 01452 813196 and Sonia on 0161 448 8836.